Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh how i missed the emptiness

So I am just wasting a few more minutes before I go make myself a lovely dinner:
lettuce, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots and pineapple. 
no dressing. 
happy days:
so i didn't go to the movie i had planned... instead my mother in law took me to get my nails done :-) 
motherinlaw: want to go get a piece of pie after?
me: no thanks. I'm not hungry.
motherinlaw: *looks at me funny* did you even eat anything today?
me: yes i had: pasta with avocado and sun dried tomatoes and olive oil and cheese.
motherinlaw: oh sounds good.
me: yeah it was delicious.

i am just surprised she believed me... and surprised i came up with that so quick not to raise any suspicion... oh and i am happy i resisted pie. :-)
i don't think she knows about my ed... my hubby does but i don't think he told her. oh and btw... my hubby is deployed right now thats why i don't write much about him. 

sorry for the rambling :-)

jane pansy : i have seen the movie! it is great! :-) i can't believe how much sienna miller looks exactly like edie!! it's called Factory Girl
mich : thank you for the advice :-) 
missinsanity : thank you for the support!

mine: 16.4
"The average body fat percentage for U.S. females is around 32%, with the ideal at 22%. Athletic females should be around 15-20%. You could have an eating disorder if you are below 10%. Remember these are guidelines; your physician should help you determine the ideal weight and body fat for you."


  1. *New Follower*
    Hiiiiii :)
    Well done for coming up with food that quick!! Chips is what always comes to my mind lol :) but at the minute there's no need to make up an excuse. Noone would say anything....I've put on 8lbs in 2 weeks, eaten like shit :( (mini ramble over)
    I have been looking at the diet you are following with Jane :) I may steal it hehehe

  2. Hey, your married too! Yay! We are the married Ana's! Wow, deployed. :( I can't even go one nite without my hubby. He doesn't know about my ed. How does your hubby feel about it? I think mine would hospitalize me. And my motherinlaw just needs a good reason to hate me. LoL! Married Ana's.


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