Monday, August 8, 2011

Dream Horrors

First things first:

Calorie intake:: 425
Calorie out take:: 652

Total :: -227

So i always have crazy dreams... my craziest have been: 

screaming in my sleep and running for the door while thinking there are bugs in my hair and trying to get them out. i had to be tackled to wake me up.

waking up and jumping out of bed because i was sure someone was standing in my doorway

jumping out of bed because i thought the apartment was full of smoke like it was on fire

and last night was this: i woke up in the middle of the night sure that someone had just knocked on my bedroom window. 

i really don't know why i get these dreams... oh and another one a while back was i dreamed that the skin on my foot was falling off and i was trying to hold it on.

i am hoping tonight is much better! 

sweet dreams everyone!!


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