Sunday, August 28, 2011

Counting down the minutes and hours....

I keep looking at the clock thinking ok if I can just not eat for 2 more hours then i can have something. One more hour and 10 minutes. One hour and 9 minutes. The minute hand on the clock seems to be going sooo slow and my stomach is telling me it needs to eat. I just want to wait a little longer. Today's calorie allowance is 500. I have had: 220
I had a bowl of fiber cereal for breakfast with a tablespoon of soy milk: 110
I had some tuna on a slice of 40 calorie bread with a thin slice of tomato: 110
I had 2 big cups of coffee black and lots of water. 
I want to wait until 6 to start making dinner: veggie salad no dressing no croutons. just lettuce, carrots, pea pods, tomato, edamame, and a little bit of tofu and maybe a little bit of squash and mushrooms. but that sounds like too much so probably  no squash and mushrooms. I haven't counted that up yet. i am guessing it will be about 125 which would bring me to 345. so i have 155 left after that. i will probably make some popcorn. 

I have been trying to get school work done but I just can't concentrate. i did my physics and yoga homework. still have french and math to do. 
I need to be 111. I feel like I have been saying that for so long. I am sorry girls. I will get there eventually. 
I am going to see Fleet Foxes in September :-) I can't wait!! I really want to be super skinny then. so i can wear something super cute :-) 
i think i might lay down. just so i can stay away from food.

p.s.- i might throw away the journal but i don't know. i like to keep it so i make sure never to get to that point again. but i may throw it out. i haven't decided. 


  1. You can do it i know you can, i had 333 calories already i had a lot of veggies , i counted them in my intake and i have been drinking tons of water.I want to work out but its hot so I'll wait until tonight and after my workout I'll have a banana and then I'm finish for the day.

  2. sounds like you're doing well. (: and my boyfriend went to go see fleet foxes a few months back; i guess it's a really good show! i hope you have fun. <3

  3. I hate how slowly time goes by when you are waiting to eat. It's like time decides to stop. But hopefully you can keep doing good for the rest of the day.


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