Thursday, August 25, 2011

Almost there!

I weighed myself this morning and to my wonderful surprise... the scale says I weigh 111.6. So my bmi is 18.6. I am 0.6 of a pound away from 111. Hopefully that will be tomorrow. I can't post pictures until I get to that goal. But I did take some measurements today:
8/10 (116.6)                           8/25 (111.6)
Bust: 31.5                              Bust: 31.5
Waist: 23.5                            Waist: 22.5
Hips 31                                  Hips: 31
Butt: 34                                  Butt: 34
Thigh: 19                              Thigh: 18
Wrist: 5.5                              Wrist: 5.5
Calf: 14                                  Calf 13.5

Oatmeal (splenda with fiber and I put some fiber cereal in there too, berries): 110
Sugar Free Red Bull : 10
Again, no lunch.
Not sure yet. I get off school at 2:45 then I work at 4:30 so maybe no dinner either? I will take an activia light and some veggies to work I think. 

Other notes:
I am going to watch my little (well not so little) brother play football tomorrow night. He made varsity this year and they won their first game in like years last week... and my little bro got his picture in the paper :-) So that means dinner at my parents house (caesar salad since I asked for it). Then the game and then I have to come home check on my dog and then go to a friends going away party. Tomorrow will be busy and late. But thats ok. I need to buy more Red Bull I am on my last one. 

I think I will definitely make my goal of 111 by September :-) 

Love you all!! Leave me some lovely comments !
p.s. - i had the soup yay! and i couldn't even finish it. so instead of totaling almost 200 with toast... it was more like 120 :-)


  1. Well done!!! You're doing brilliantly! You will deffo be able to shift that last 0.6 lbs to reach your target!
    I think I'll have to buy some sugar free red bull for energy, I'm so tired!
    Jen :)


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