Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post 100!

Does anyone ever get a sort of high feeling from not eating? Maybe I am just a little crazy.... I just seem to get like incredibly happy like crazy happy when I don't eat. It's a little weird. 
I created a new page that will have just what I eat and exercise so I don't have to record it here... 



  1. of course! It's a starvation high, it comes from when you're body has no more food to keep itself going so it uses the ketones in your fat cells for energy, meaning burning fat AND giving you an amazing high feeling. It keeps me up all night sometimes!!

  2. I have this awesome Jillian Michaels video I think it's called 30 day shred where it has 3 different levels of workouts to choose from! She totally kicks butt!

  3. Yes, I usually get a bit euphoric when I'm fasting :) I love it, too. Stay strong!

  4. I go dizzy and faint like :( any suggestions??

  5. I get that way also I guess that is why I never understand why COE claim they get a hgh from eating I feel very gross and worthless when I eat. funny how we are all looking for the same thing we just have to go to different ends of the pool to get it??

  6. Its a weird feeling! For me starts like weakness and my mood is just whatever... but then I look in the mirror or try on clothes that wouldnt fit before and I get super duper excited and hyper! :)


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