Sunday, August 28, 2011

I love mondays!!

I suppose that's a bit odd but I do love Mondays. I think they are the best days for starting over or moving forward. I don't know... 
I think I am going to go through my cupboards and fridge and get rid of anything that isn't healthy tomorrow. If there is nothing to eat then I can't eat it. I am doing the ABC diet for the next month. Today was day one so my limit was 500. I think I ended up with like 550. :-(
But I did run almost 3 miles... and then did yoga and stretching. And I worked 5 hours. Hmm... I shouldn't be making excuses. It's bad. Tomorrow's allowance is also 500 but maybe I should aim for something lower so I don't go over 500. I don't know why today was so hard. 
Also I drank soooo much water! Like I think I drank probably somewhere between 12 and 16 glasses of water! So tomorrow I am probably going to weigh more because of the water weight. Oh and I took two laxatives so maybe that will shed the water and then some. I need to stop taking those. 
I am going to be happy and chipper tomorrow!! I promise!!! Like I said... I LOVE MONDAYS!!



  1. if you ran 3 miles then you got rid of the extra 50 plus much more ! Don't even worry about it, you're doing amazing!

  2. Hi!!! I love mondays too! fresh start from tomorrow on! thank you for your support it means the world to me :)

  3. Mondays are great :) I like them for the same reasons you do! The fresh start, moving on..
    Water weight is fine, its the easiest to lose after all!
    Stay strong


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