Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Voila C'est moi!

Just thought I would post my progress...

ednos Linny : I am 5'5'' Oh how i would love to be taller... the rest of my family is at least 5'7'' so I guess I got the short end of that stick... oh well

Look at that food baby... I took these right after breakfast

I think this is my favorite. You can see my ribs and I wasn't even sucking in.

My ass is still HUGE

Thank you all for the lovely comments!


  1. You look great!! your so lucky ,your my inspiration :)

  2. Congrats on 116.6!! You look amazing in your pics!! Food baby? Please!

    You rock girlie, keep on going!


  3. You look awesome :) And what food baby? haha You can't even tell you took them after breakfast.

  4. Great thighs. Mine still touch a little, it drives me nuts! Stay Strong<3


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